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Tumpline: A tumpline is a blanket wrapped and tied around a carrying strap two to two and a half inches wide, with items being rolled within the blanket. The strap is traditionally worn across the chest, but can be worn over the right shoulder.

Blanket Roll: A simple pack made by placing contents in the middle of a blanket and rolling the blanket into a cylinder, then tying off the ends. The blanket could be tied in more than one place to secure the contents inside and worn over the shoulder.

Haversack: Haversacks are made of a course, unbleached linen. They are a pocket, covered by a flap secured by buttons (horn, bone or white metal) and attached to a strap, which is slung over the right shoulder. Used originally to carry food and eating utensils.

Knapsack: These packs are a tight-woven linen or linen canvas envelope, covered by a buttoned flap, carried by two linen shoulder straps connected by a breast strap.

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