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El passat 16 de febrer tingué lloc a Sant Hipòlit de Voltregà l‘Homenatge als màrtirs de la Gleva caiguts el 1714. una cercavila seguida per unes 1.500 persones que commemoraven els Fets de la Gleva del 1714, que fan referència a l’assassinat de 120 soldats austriacistes a mans de les tropes borbòniques durant la Guerra de Successió. amb la participació dels Miquelets de Catalunya: El Regiment de la Diputació, els Magraners de la Diputació (miquelets d’Osona), el Regiment de fusellers Vila i Ferrer i entre les novetats per aquesta tercera edició, s’hi ha distingit la presència d’un campament de l’elit dels Miquelets, el Regiment de Cuirassers de Sant Jordi, i una taula rodona sobre ‘La Guerra de Successió, ficció i realitat’, amb l’historiador Francesc Xavier Hernàndez Cardona, i autor del llibre ‘1714. El setge de Barcelona’, i Jaume Clotet i David de Montserrat, autors de la novel·la ‘Lliures o morts’.

Ací teniu els següents vídeos:

Els fets de la Gleva 2013. Part 1 (ACN)

Els Fets de la Gleva 2013. Part 2 (ACN)

Galeria de fotos (Nació Digital)

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To commemorate and honor the 120 martyrs of La Gleva who died to defend Catalonia from the spanish troops in 1714, 210 people gathered at Holy Sanctuary of La Gleva, located in Les Masies de Voltregà, and sequentially fired muzzle-load arms – setting the world record for the Most people sequentially firing muzzle-load arms, according to the World Records Academy: www.worldrecordsacademy.org/

Photo: Adrià Costa

The world record attempt took place by the Holy Sanctuary of La Gleva, located in Les Masies de Voltregà, to commemorate and honor the 120 martyrs of La Gleva who died to defend Catalonia from the spanish troops in 1714.

The Guinness world record for the Oldest manufacturer of weapons was set by the arms company Beretta (Italy), which has earliest recorded mention: 1526. The business has been passed down through 16 generations, but its headquarters are still based in the village of Gardone Val Trompia near Brescia, Italy.

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the Largest exporter of arms, set by the USA wich exported an annual average of $7,964,100,000 (£4,000,271,235) worth of arms in the ten years between 1998 and 2007.

Many shooters came from all the country and even from abroad.
Mr. Marc Puig, coming from Barcelona, explained: “I feel so excited about achieving this world record. This is a real hommage to the heros who died here about 300 years ago”.

Mr. Ezio Lazzari, who came expressly from Italy with his historical soldier company to attend and participate in this record, said:   “I feel so happy for our contribution to achieve this world record. Everyone has put his small but nevertheless important part on that team achievement.”

This historic day for the Voltreganès county finished with a flower bouquet offering to the Virgin of La Gleva at her Holy Sanctuary.

The final parliaments were made by the Catalan Business Center President, Mr. Ramon Carner (event sponsor), and by the Professor of the University of Barcelona, Mr. Francesc-Xavier Hernández-Cardona, who remarked the importance of this historical facts that were commemorated.

The world record attempt was sponsord by: CCN – Centre Català de Negocis and Omnium Cultural.

Òmnium Cultural (the main sponsor of this event) representatives would like to thank the institutional and citizen support to all these events, and to express their gratitude to all the associations, organizations and individuals who made them possible.

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